Cleaner Hampstead Delivers Outstanding Window Cleaning

Get reliable, affordable window cleaning from Cleaner Hampstead. Services are offered for all kind of windows, at any sort of property.

More Than Just Glass Cleaning

Wherever possible, your window cleaners will clean sills and frames while they’re completing your glass cleaning. This gives a much smarter finish. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Seven day service options, even during bank holidays
  • Discounts available when you combine window cleaning with certain other services
  • Reference vetted technicians who complete your work under full insurance cover
  • Free quotes and support available 24/7

The Modern Approach to Window Cleaning

When access allows, your window cleaning will be delivered using the water-fed pole technique. It works like this:

  1. The cleaners arrive in a van containing a large tank of purified water.
  2. They park near your property and attach an extendable pole to the tank.
  3. Water is pumped up the pole and brushed across the window twice.
  4. The first pass loosens grime and deposits. The second pass rinses the glass clean.
  5. Windows are allowed to air dry. No detergents are required so there’s no risk of smearing.

What makes water-fed pole cleaning better?

  • The service is faster and safer, as your cleaners work from the ground
  • Your privacy is protected because the technicians don’t need to look through the windows to clean them
  • Gardens or plants below the window aren’t contaminated with soapy water
  • The speed and safety of this service allows us to keep prices down

Find Prices for Window Cleaning from Cleaner Hampstead

Call us 24/7 on 020 3404 0353. The person you speak to will ask a few questions to assess if your property is suitable for water-fed pole cleaning or if a different method will suit you better. Then you’ll get a quote which takes into account any discounts that apply when you combine this service with something else.