Cleaner Hampstead Offers Exceptional Oven Cleaning

Book a budget friendly oven cleaning service from Cleaner Hampstead to get an exceptional standard of cleanliness without breaking the bank.

Fast, Eco-Friendly Furnace Cleaning

This furnace cleaning service is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial kitchens. Any sort of cooker can be cleaned, including gas or electric appliances, ranges, single or double ovens, grills and barbecues:

  • Call us 24/7 to get a free quote
  • Set up weekday or weekend cooker cleaning service
  • Trained and certified cleaners deliver your service under full insurance
  • The detergents used are non-toxic, low-odour and environmentally friendly

What Happens At Your Cooker Cleaning Appointment

  1. Your cleaners place protective sheeting on the floor to protect it from dirt or detergent spills.
  2. They set up a dip tank filled with eco-friendly detergents and place all removable parts of the oven in the tank to soak.
  3. While dirt and grease on your trays, racks, filters, and other removed parts is softened, your cleaner will scrub the main body of the appliance.
  4. Removed parts are taken from tank, hand cleaned, rinsed, dried, and replaced.
  5. The oven is polished, and checked to make sure everything is working properly.
  6. Your range will be ready for use the moment the work is done. With a standard domestic oven that’s less than one hour!

 Benefits of your oven cleaning service

  • Your cleaned cooker is less likely to smoke and fire hazard is reduced
  • With old grease and fats removed from the oven, food will taste fresher
  • The appliance will function more efficiently, so you may find your fuel bills are reduced after cleaning

Book Oven Cleaning from Cleaner Hampstead

Call us on our 24/7 line 020 3404 0353. You’ll get an immediate quote and have the option to reserve your preferred appointment time without paying any deposit.